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Produktinformationen "WINGNUT"

The robust industrial Bolt lamp series is recognizable by its functionality, sleek lines and the iconic leading role for the wingnut. The Bolt design lamps and some models of Mr. Tubes feature a construction with a hinge system. The wingnut makes it possible to adjust the arm(s) of the lamp. Besides being a functional tool, the wingnut is integrated into the design of the lamp and even a distinctive visual element.

The lamps come standard with a brass wingnut. Would you prefer a wingnut in a different color? In addition to the brass variant, the wingnut is also available in copper, black aluminum, and stainless steel. The purchase is in sets of 10 units and cannot be ordered individually.

Designer: Anton de Groof
Farbe: copper
Gewicht: 0.02 kg
Herkunftsland: The Netherlands
type: Komponenten