Byfrank Dokkum


Hometour in Dokkum

We like to take you on a hometour in an amazing newly built house in Dokkum. Craftsmanship is what this house radiates, the lamps of Tonone fit here perfectly.

The basis of the house was drawn by Adema Architects and worked out by contractor Bouwgroep Dijkstra Draisma. Studio Byfrank was brought in to design the interior of the house, and they also created various works of art that complement the house. This also applies to the choice of lighting. Because an impressive house needs an equally impressive designlamp. Therefore, a real eye-catcher was chosen for above the cooking island: the sturdy industrial Bolt chandelier 18 arms.

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Photography: Laura Westendorp – Wonderwood

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bolt 2arm floor
color: pure white


bolt chandelier 18 arms
color: smokey black


bolt wall sidefit
color: pure white | installation: with cord