Children's room inspiration

Do you have plans to update your child's room and are you still looking for the right lighting? Then you're in the right place here. On this webpage we give you information and inspiration about lighting for a child's room.

It all starts with choosing a style or theme you want to apply to the kids room. Previously, the gender of the child was often considered and then it became either a pink girl's room or a blue boy's room. Nowadays, more people choose a children's room with a neutral base. Colors such as beige, white, gray or pastel shades are popular. The advantage of this is that it ensures that you are less likely to get bored with it. In addition, the quiet base allows you to go wild with kids' room accessories such as illustration-rich posters, colorful books or rugs with eye-catching prints. This way you can keep renewing the children's room by changing little things. A cool industrial design lamp from Tonone also looks good in a children's bedroom. By choosing a designer lamp in a striking color variation, you can give your own twist to the interior of a children's bedroom.

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Types of lighting for the children’s room

When it is dark, it can sometimes be quite exciting for children. Especially children of a young age can feel anxious in the dark. Bedside lamps can provide a solution. Light can create a trusting atmosphere and reassuring the child when they wake up in the middle of the night.

Does your child like to play in her or his room? Then a 
floor lamp is exactly what you are looking for. The Tonone series of floor lamps is characterized by a diverse range from small designer floor lamps to large floor lamps in eleven different colors. The floor lamps feature a sturdy base and the lampshade is easily rotatable, perfectly highlighting your child’s craft or construction work.

"Put a lamp close to a piece of furniture and let the wiring fall away behind the furniture, this looks tidy and your child can then not trip over the light cord"

An eye-catcher in the children's room

Tonone's design desk lamp is not only functional but also an eye-catcher for a desk in a child's room. When your child brings homework from school, a good desk lamp is indispensable. The Bolt desk lamp is rotatable and has a heavy foot, making the lamp stand firmly. The desk lamp is also available with a functional clamp. This is especially handy if you don't have much space to place the lamp.

"Think out-of-the-box and choose a designer lamp in a contrasting color than the color on the wall of the room. Or choose a fine base with a tonal color."

More inspiration for kids' rooms

Do you feel the need for more inspiration when it comes to children's room lighting? Then take a look at our Pinterest board. This board is regularly updated with the cool images, new ideas and latest trends. Don't miss a moment of inspiration and follow this board today for a daily dose of creativity and style!


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