Hometour Hengelo


Visiting Charlotte in beautiful Twente.

Creativity runs through Charlotte's veins. As a child, she was already busy constantly changing her bedroom and setting up themed tables in the living room. She could spend hours drawing and crafting. Her love for design is still prominently present in her interior, which serves as a great inspiration for many. 

Design is Charlotte's passion: design furniture, design accessories, and especially design lamps. She has been a fan of Tonone's designer lamps for a long time, which greatly inspire her interiors. Charlotte has her own self-designed design studio in the garden and where she has given the One + floor a beautiful place. The design studio is the place where she quietly works out design plans for her clients. 

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Photography: Laura Westendorp – Wonderwood


If you love Tonone @ Hengelo

ONE + Floor
color: fuzzy white


bella table
color: midnight grey | fitting material: brass


bolt desk 1arm clamp
color: daybreak rose