Tonone meets NNN Studio


Tonone visited NNN___ Studio, where Janniene designs and creates artworks from cardboard and paper. Her work is minimalistic and abstract, featuring monochrome reliefs and precise geometrical shapes. The overlapping layers of paper in her compositions display the craftmanship that goes into her work. Janniene is intrigued by the interplay of light, shadow and texture, as well as design techniques such as folding, bending and shaping.

 Janniene is very enthusiastic about the ONE. For her, it is important to have good lighting when she is at work, a light that is movable and allows her to determine the direction of the light. 

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Photography: Laura Westendorp – Wonderwood


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ONE Desk fixture
color: fuzzy white


ONE Floor fixture
color: fuzzy white


ONE Knob
color: fuzzy white