Visserette Polpo


Visserette Polpo is situated in a beautiful location on the Kerkstraat in Vught. A not everyday fish shop where you can buy many kinds of fresh fish every day, the most delicious meals that are freshly prepared every day and various unique culinary gifts.

Visserette Polpo is characterised by its bright red floor, modern furniture, beautiful design lighting by Tonone (Mr. Tubes LED) and -last but not least- the hospitality of Willemijn van de Bijl and Maarten de Groot.

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Photography: Laura Westendorp – Wonderwood


If you love Tonone @ Polpo

mr. tubes led double
color: smokey black | kelvin: 2700 K


mr. tubes led double
color: pure white | kelvin: 2700 K


mr. tubes led pendant horizontal driver on fixture
color: smokey black | kelvin: 4000 K