Tonone is proud to add a new product to its collection: Bridge. A striking design that distinguishes itself from the current collection by a striking choice of materials. Nevertheless, the Tonone signature, bold and functional, is clearly reflected in the renewed lighting concept. Let's get to know Bridge.

The origins of Bridge
Anton and his design team are constantly drawing inspiration from new technologies, trends and everyday experiences.
Looking at the current collection, the idea arose to develop a linear lamp. A lamp that allows for a graphic interplay of lines and with which you can experiment with composition.
With this in mind, they were inspired by the construction of a bridge.

What makes Bridge so unique
Just like a real bridge, Bridge has different supports, so that the load-bearing capacity is evenly distributed along its length.
Futhermore, you don't have a power cable that catches the eye with Bridge. That's because the power is conducted by steel cables, which are also used to hang the lamp.
This design lamp is made of recycled plexiglass and is available in two neon colors and in an opal color. The transparency of the material creates an interesting layering and impressive light output. 

What makes Bridge special is the freedom of choice that the consumer has when purchasing the lamp.
Bridge is available in three colour variations: Fog White, Lava Orange and Toxic Green. In addition, the lamp is available in different lengths.
The lengths of the lamp are 110, 150, 180 and 220 cm. Due to the choice of length and color, the Bridge can be used in any setting.

Dutch Design
Bridge is – like all other Tonone lamps – original Dutch design.
Founder Anton de Groof has been creating functional lighting designs since 2008, combining mechanics and traditional tools.
Together with local specialists, the Tonone team is continuously working on making the design and production process more sustainable.

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Fog White

In the world of colors, there is a shade that evokes an atmosphere of mystery and serenity: Fog White. It evokes associations of natural elements such as a cloud cover, fog and a morning breeze. This color invites us to slow down and enjoy the world around us. It suggests the image of the subtle transparency of Plexiglas, where light moves diffusely in a beautiful way.

Toxic Green

Toxic Green is a color that immediately attracts attention with its striking appearance. Also known as poison green, this shade of green reflects the wild side of nature, where vibrant colors are a warning of potential dangers. The neon glow of Toxic Green brings energy and power to a room.

Lava Orange

Lava Orange is a fusion of natural power, neon, plexiglass and the dynamics of changing light. The transparent material enhances the depth and intensity of the color. When light shines through the plexiglass, the color undergoes a transformation. This is a hue that not only excites the senses, but also leaves a lasting impression.

If you love Bridge

Bridge 150
color: fog white


Bridge 150
color: lava orange


Bridge 110
color: toxic green