The Unbound 



Let's visit The Unbound in Amsterdam

On the edge of Amsterdam West, between the wild gardens and organic vegetable and fruit fields, a former wasteland has been transformed into a sustainable estate: The Unbound.

Derived from the verb ‘to unbound’, and literally meaning: to form a world by itself, free. The Unbound is a space where you can easily disconnect from Amsterdam’s busy streets, on the go people and the must-do mentality.

A space that allows you to unwind and reload. Connect to nature and reconnect with the city whenever you like. Where you can care for your physical well-being, meet up and share insights. A space that is without restraints and limitless in opportunities. Open and free.

The Unbound interior is characterized by understated design and bespoke furniture. A combination between modern items, offering durable quality, natural materials and vintage renewed items.

The Unbound has several cabins on the property. Each cabin has its own style. There was a conscious choice for a number of design lamps, including the Bolt lamps of Tonone. In the cabin 'The Wikkel' there is a design floor lamp in the color Thunder Blue (blue). In cabin 'The Lighthouse' there is a beautiful bedside lamp by Tonone in the color Daybreak Rose (pink). 'The Barn' has the bedside lamps in Sunny Yellow (yellow) and Thunder Blue (blue).

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Photography: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

If you love Tonone @ the Unbound

bolt 2arm floor
color: thunder blue


bolt bed sidefit
color: sunny yellow | installation: install | standard / mirror: standard


bolt bed sidefit
color: daybreak rose | installation: install | standard / mirror: standard


bolt bed sidefit
color: thunder blue | installation: install | standard / mirror: standard