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About Tonone

How can we apply our fascination for traditional mechanics and craft tools into state-of-the art design? This quest was the starting point for the products of lighting label Tonone, known for the use of characteristic construction tools as a visual and a functional basis for innovative product design.

This vision was well illustrated by the design of the Tonone-line up: the Bolt-series, followed by the hand-blown glass series Atlas and Ella, the sturdy lamp Mr. Tubes and the LED serie Beads. In 2022, Tonone added two new series to its collection: the elegant Bella and the portable ONE. The Bridge linear LED lamp was launched in early 2024.

Today the design team’s vision is still committed to apply traditional craft tools and mechanics in innovative light design. Although the handwriting of Anton de Groof and his team is still to be described as bold and functional, the newly introduced light designs have evaluated to a slick, unadomed and smart lightconcept. Even when there is no visibility of the used mechanics, Tonone’s signature is still recognized in every next step of its lighting design.

Tonone was founded in 2013 by designer Anton de Groof and is based in The Netherlands. The Tonone design team works together with local craftsmen to produce their products. During the design- and the production process the entire life cycle of the products is taken into account when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and logistics.


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Meet the designer

Anton de Groof was born in 1967 in Nuenen. With a father who worked as a technical production manager and designer of fencing, his parental home was littered with cardboard mechanisms. A fertile soil for De Groof’s fascination with traditional mechanics and old tools.

Anton started the furniture brand Masimo in 1993 with a friend. Ten years later he continues on alone. First with the design of tables and chairs, later with interior and lighting. For example, he sets up 130 stores for a successful clothing brand. For the chain's head office, he designs a lamp as well as the interior.

Several years later, that lamp turns out to be the basis for the Bolt series. In 2013, the designer – encouraged by enthusiastic feedback from his surroundings – takes the design off the shelf and develops it into what it is now. It proved to be the distinctive start of the Tonone label: a robust industrial lamp series recognizable for functionality in form, clean lines, and the iconic starring role of the wingnut. The Bolt is now available in 29 different models and in 10 colors. Following the Bolt, the Atlas and Ella series quickly follow, executed in hand-blown glass, the robust lamp Mr. Tubes, and the LED series Beads. In 2022, Tonone introduces the elegant Bella line and the portable design LED lamp ONE. In early 2024, the linear LED lamp Bridge was launched.

In addition to his own brand, Anton designs the lamp Thierry le Swinger for Fatboy, a wireless outdoor lamp that can stand or hang. He also creates the Air 65 for the Dutch furniture brand Qliv, a successful chair, representative of Anton's design style through the use of materials and the applied connections.
Anton de Groof's designs are recognizable by the typically Dutch design language: sleek, functional and modern. It is undeniable he was influenced by Bauhaus and the architectural movement Bossche School. But De Groof's fascination with connection issues and the use of traditional and industrial mechanics make his designs distinctive. The execution of his designs in sustainable material emphasize the individuality of Anton de Groof.

Anton de Groof

Anton de Groof

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