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July 2022

Living room lighting 

For most people, the living room is the place in the house where they spend time together. So it's important that this is a cosy space and that thought has been given to the lighting. But where to start start? Does this not ring a bell to you? Then read our lighting tips for your living room below!

Living room lighting plan: what should you take into account?

It probably sounds familiar to you: too little lighting and you sit in the dark and too much lighting and the cozy atmosphere is gone. When deciding on the living room lighting, it is therefore useful to draw up a lighting plan. The living room is often a large space in the house and therefore needs a lot of lighting, but above all the right lighting. A lighting plan helps you to take a good look at the room and determine where you want light. You should start by making a floor plan to map out the room. But how do you determine which lighting is suitable for the different places and functions in your living room? You can distinguish three different types of lighting: General lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting. We will explain the different types of lighting in more detail below.

General lighting living room

General lighting is often connected to the main switch and provides overall illumination for a room. So it is important to choose a central location. Usually you choose as general lighting in the living room therefore a ceiling lamp that immediately provides good light and a nice atmosphere. You also take into account that there is no direct view on the lamp. You don’t want to look straight into a lamp all evening. 

Which ceiling lamp do you choose as general lighting in the living room? Tonone has the Bolt ceiling lamp or the Bella pendant with a choice of different colors and models. It's up to you to choose the model and the color! Are you going for a real eye-catcher in Striking Orange (orange ceiling lamp) or do you opt for more unity and peace with Pure White (white ceiling lamp)? Do you prefer another model on the ceiling? Then the Beads ceiling light with its minimalist design and powerful look is a good choice. 

Creating light zones: where should the functional lighting go?

Do you regularly work in the evening or like to read a book on the couch? Then good light is essential! That's why you choose task lighting for certain areas in your living room. This lighting does not illuminate the entire room, but only where it is essential to have good lighting. Task lighting is used specifically for certain tasks, such as reading, working, eating and cooking. Lights you can choose as task lighting for the living are desk lampstable lampswall lamps and pendant lamps.

Looking for nice task lighting for the living room? The Bolt desk lamp by Tonone not only provides functional lighting, but with its industrial, minimalistic look and timeless design, it gives that little extra to your interior. And with the choice of 7 different models, there is always one that fits your living room.

Decorative lighting living room

You don't just want your living room to be well-lit; you also want it to be a cosy and warm space. A place where you can relax or spend pleasant evenings with family or friends. The secret to a cosy sitting area lies in choosing the right decorative lighting. Lighting that set the right mood. Whether you choose lots of decorative lighting or not, it's up to you. An elegant Atlas pendant (bottom right) in the sitting area can make all the difference. Or create the perfect lighting in the living room with the Beads pendant (bottom left) or Bella pendant (bottom centre) for above the dining table. Choose a lamp with a dimmer and determine at any time the amount of lighting in the house.

Indirect lighting

Another way to lighten up your living room is by using indirect lighting. The light source is often not visible and the light is spread through the ceiling, floor or walls. Examples of indirect lighting are spots in the ceiling or LED strips on the wall.

Living room lighting inspiration

Looking for lighting to set the right mood in the living room? Check out some examples below, get inspired and get the perfect lamp in your home! On Instagram and Pinterest we share the home of many of our lamps. Maybe you'll come across your dream interior. Or subscribe to the Tonone newsletter for more inspiration. 

Atmospheric lighting living room

Besides the fact that lighting in your living room is very essential, it is also a real mood enhancer. Whether you choose decorative lighting for the cabinet, a lamp on the ceiling or a lamp for above the dining table, the right lighting sets the tone for the atmosphere in the living room. It's all about the perfect balance!

Below left: The Beads Table Downlight is a dimmable lamp that offers a solution for every situation. Bottom centre: The Bolt Table Small in Daybreak Rose (pink) has an open shade, which provides a beautiful spread of light in the living room. Bottom right: The new Bella Table in Pure White with brass. Of course you can put Bella anywhere you want. But at Tonone, we think the table lamp looks best on a dresser cabinet or side table. This design lamp has the perfect dimensions for that.

Ceiling lights living room

Looking for a lamp that illuminates the whole room? Choose a beautiful ceiling lamp for the living room. Keep in mind the height of the ceiling, because the higher it is the more light is needed to illuminate the room! 

Below left: The Beads 5 in line excels with its minimalistic design, but tough look when it comes to functionality. Bottom centre: The industrial Mr. Tubes LED Double gives your living room 360 degrees of even light. And the design pendant lamp is height adjustable, allowing you to hang it at any height. Below right: The beautiful new Bella pendant is made of powder-coated steel. The Bella shines exactly where you want light: practically on your dining table and atmospherically towards the ceiling. 

Lighting above the couch

Curling up on the couch; for many people it feels like coming home. The couch is also the place where you drink a nice cup of coffee or tea or where you watch a film in the evening. Good and especially atmospheric lighting is also important here. Will you choose a functional light, a decorative light of will you go for a striking wall lamp that catches the eye?

Seating area lighting

Do you like to read a book from an easy chair? Then you will need extra light. Choose a fine reading lamp that provides sufficient light and lots of reading pleasure. Are you looking for a lamp that makes the living room cosy? Choose the right LED lighting. LED lamps are available in all color temperatures and light colors. In addition, LED lamps have the advantage that they have a longer lifespan and that they are dimmable so you can create the right atmosphere. When choosing the right color temperature for lighting in the living room, look at the unit in Kelvin (K). The lower this value, the warmer and cosier the light.

Below left: The Bolt Floor 2arm long upperfit in Sunny Yellow brings the sunshine into your living room. The arms of the lamp are adjustable in three places with the included wingnut, so if you move, the lamp just moves with you. Centre below: The minimalistic Beads Floor Uplight excels in functionality. The Beads is dimmable and dim-to-warm. Below right: The ONE + Floor is an elegant and smart design. At the end of the fixture you will find a spherical steel magnet that allows you to attach and detach the ONE in a single move.

Pendant light seating area

Not enough space for a floor lamp in your living room? Then just hang one up on you ceiling! Go for a beautiful design pendant for above the coffee table.

Below left: The Atlas pendant comes in two different sizes, which as you can see also creates a nice atmosphere together. Bottom centre: This lamp really makes an impression. The open shades of the Bolt Chandelier 18 arms provide a beautiful spread of light. Bottom right: The design of the Beads Pendant looks sleek and functional. An ideal pendant for above the seating area.  

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