Shades of blue 

Tonone has chosen for two shades of blue: Thunder Blue and Ice Blue. Combining these two shades in your interior gives a beautiful effect.

Thunder Blue

Thunder Blue is a deep and powerful blue reminiscent of a thunderstorm on a summer evening. It is the breathtaking color of a thundering evening. Thunder Blue is bold and an easy companion for your interior. Actually, this color gets along well with all colors.

Ice Blue

Ice Blue is a color which stands on its own, but at the same time is easy to combine. Alongside other blue tones it blends in without losing sight of itself. In an industrial interior the light blue is a striking accent. And together with striking colors such as Striking Orange, Daybreak Rose or Sunny Yellow, it adapts like a chameleon. So Ice Blue is always good.

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Photography: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood 

bella table
color: ice blue | fitting material: brass


bolt desk 1arm foot
color: thunder blue


bolt desk 2arm foot small
color: ice blue


bella pendant
color: thunder blue | fitting material: brass


bolt 2arm floor
color: ice blue