Smokey Black

Smokey Black the first, the base, the father of all. He doesn't do fashion. Just as we don't do Black Friday, it causes impulse buying and overconsumption. Instead, we stand for #GreenFriday and #FairFriday, save the planet, go green! Buy less, buy more consciously. You don't just throw away a Tonone lamp. Choose to repair it and give your Tonone lamp a second life #TononeforLife.
Tonone is now 10 years old and so is the color Smokey Black. It remains a popular color. And say it yourself, what goes better with an industrial look than black? It goes with everything and is always beautiful. A Smokey Black lamp creates a nice contrast: the light of the light source, the black of the lamp. It can be that simple.

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Photography: Laura Westendorp – Wonderwood


The color black represents elegance and chic, but it also feels at home in tough interiors. Make a bright living room more robust by choosing a black pendant lamp or balance a colourful look with black wall lamps. Black is perfect for contrasts: with white, orange or natural materials such as wood, wool and linen. The color Smokey Black can be seen in various series. These include the BOLT ceiling lamp, the BEADS table lamp and the ONE desk lamp. Which designer lamp in black is your favourite?

Every time we spot a Tonone lamp is a lucky moment for us. Do you have a Tonone in your home?
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If you love smokey black

bolt wall sidefit small
color: smokey black | installation: install


ONE + Floor
color: smokey black


mr. tubes led double
color: smokey black | kelvin: 2700 K


bella table
color: smokey black | fitting material: black aluminum


bolt 2arm floor
color: smokey black


bolt desk 2arm clamp
color: smokey black