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In the middle of the tumultuous period of the corona pandemic, my family - consisting of my husband and two daughters - took the decision to move a few blocks away from Rotterdam, Kralingen. In this unprecedented time, however, a challenge awaited us: buying a kitchen and new furniture, all online. Fortunately, our wishes became a reality thanks to the expertise of Depot Rotterdam, which not only designed our kitchen, but also created the beautiful built-in ensuite cabinets. Our new home is located on a beautiful avenue surrounded by historic houses built around 1900. Our own home dates back to 1906 and exudes a classic feel with its high ceilings and timeless appeal.

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Photography: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

Interior style

As for our interior style, we chose an eclectic mix of classic, Scandinavian, Japanese and vintage elements. The fusion of modern and old accents gives our home a unique character and makes it truly ours. As a photographer, I draw inspiration from the diverse environments in which I work, whether in clients' homes or their workplaces. My love for beautiful objects and simplicity drives my aesthetic choices. However, finding the right balance between the two is sometimes a challenge, but the result is a home that demonstrates harmony and personality. Tonone's lamps are striking eye-catchers in our interior setting. We opted for popping colors, giving our interior a cheerful and playful touch. It really adds some vibrancy to the place!

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bolt 2arm floor long upperfit
color: striking orange


bolt desk 1arm small clamp
color: daybreak rose


bolt desk 1arm small foot
color: pure white