Tonone meets Interior Vitamins


Tonone meets Charlotte from Interior Vitamins. From a young age, Charlotte has been tinkering involved in anything related to creativity. After completing her creative education, she turned her passion into her profession by starting her own design and styling studio 'Interior Vitamins' in 2018. 

“I love creating things. Brainstorming and working out concepts is something I really enjoy doing. The best part of my profession is delivering a project that looks exactly like what we envisioned.” 

 In Charlotte’s studio hangs a cool design lamp from Tonone. The Mr. Tubes LED double hangs above the bar, where Charlotte likes to welcome and inspire people. Charlotte is also very fond of Tonone’s new lamp, the ONE. “I really love the design of the ONE because of its simple style. It’s great that this lamp is portable. How convenient is it to have a portable lamp that you can use as a desk lamp, a floor lamp and even mount it ont the wall. Really cool!” 

 Get inspired! 

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If you love Tonone @ Interior Vitamins

mr. tubes led double
color: pure white | kelvin: 2700 K


ONE Desk fixture
color: fuzzy white