Hometour @Studio Roof

Juli 2021

Studio Roof

Nearby Amsterdam, Ilya and Romy of Studio ROOF transformed a 1930s house into a place where everyone is welcome and where, in addition to love and hospitality, color plays the leading role.

Romy: "We have the best of both worlds: our house with its close proximity to walking areas and the bustling city of Amsterdam, where we work. I can't live without the dynamics of the city, but I also feel the need for the outdoors and Ilya, as a 'wild Russian', likes to stay among the trees."

"Home represents peace, being to yourself, where you can shape life. Hanging out on the couch, cooking and eating together. Home is also the place where we are together with friends and family, who can stay the night if they want. Our door is always open; life is for sharing."

"I love shades of pink and red. How often do I shout: 'Can we add a touch of red? Pink and red are so beautiful together, but they also combine beautifully with greens and blues, and with bright yellow. My love of color has always been there: as a child I collected embroidery from the flea market."

Romy's living style. She is very intuitive, she is touched by shapes and colours. She lets trends pass her by. The yellow Muuto sofa was the first designer sofa they ever bought together. With design lamps, it is so incredibly important that it is functional and provides the right light for the right purpose in a particular place. With Tonone, this comes together for Romy: "I find the shape of the lamp playful and cheerful, and you can choose from a good palette of colors. Our house shows who we are, it is typically Ilya and Romy. Playful and personal, a mix of old and new. Above all, a house must be livable."

Bolt Floor 2 arm - Thunder blue | Bolt Desk 1 arm clamp - Daybreak Rose | Bolt Desk 2 arm - Sunny Yellow | Bolt Desk 2 arm - Daybreak Rose | Bolt Desk Small 2 arm - Striking Orange

Photography: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

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 "Our house shows who we are, it is typically Ilya and Romy. Playful and personal, a mix of old and new. Above all, a house has to be livable."

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bolt desk 2arm foot
color: daybreak rose


bolt desk 2arm foot
color: striking orange


bolt 2arm floor
color: thunder blue


bolt desk 2arm foot
color: sunny yellow


bolt desk 1arm clamp
color: daybreak rose