Hometour Hilversum


We would like to take you on a home tour in Hilversum. 17 years ago, Janniene and her husband moved here to a municipal monument from the early 1900s, located near the famous Hilversum town hall designed by architect Dudok. It is situated in a green environment with many old trees.  When they moved in, the current living room consisted of office spaces with suspended ceilings and light fixtures. The ensuite doors and ornamental ceilings were hidden behind chipboard. They have restored many classic elements, such as antique radiators, high skirting boards with edges, decorated architraves, high ornamental ceilings, porcelain power outlets, and marble and wooden floors. They are new, but they seem as if they have always been there. 


 The interior is a mix of wood and lots of black. Or a lot of white, as in the hallway and kitchen with details in brass or gold. Janniene and her husband are not afraid of dark colors on the walls and have painted the classic ensuite doors black. This makes the space more cosy, and the white window frames stand out nicely as a result. You won't find many bright colors in their home, except from books and plants. Janniene likes to collect books on art, fashion and architecture. The design lamp from Tonone (Bolt 2arm Floor Long Upperfit) in the color Sunny Yellow stands out nicely in the rather neutral dark environment.   

"I love the artisanal, technical yet modern appearance of the Tonone lamps. I love the beautiful details, such as the brass fitting of the Bella. The small recess in the leg to hold the cord in place, functional ánd beautiful. We no longer find our classic chandeliers to be so contemporary, so the Bolt chandelier is on our wish list. It will create a beautiful contrast in this classic space." 

 Get inspired!  

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If you love Tonone @ Hilversum

bolt 2arm floor long upperfit
color: sunny yellow


ONE + Floor
color: fuzzy white


bella table
color: midnight grey | fitting material: brass