Anton's Choice

Timeless, versatile with an edgy little twist 

“A Journey in light and design. Join us in celebrating a remarkable 10 years of Tonone” #TononeAnniversary #Antonschoice

Have you met the ONE? Our magnetic little powerhouse is revolutionizing lighting while following you everywhere you go. At the same time, it helps you declutter your home, mind, and life. How so? Well, you only need ONE. That’s exactly why you must choose wisely when it comes to its color. Not a fan of basic? Then go for the choice of our founder and designer, Anton de Groof: timeless, versatile with an edgy little twist!

"With a subtle but bright twist something monotone changes to something modern."

A subtle twist 

At Tonone, we believe in timeless design to maintain a sustainable life. The same goes for our color combinations. 
We want you to enjoy our lamps – for life. However, we also understand creatives that love a little edge to their interior.
That’s why Anton developed two color combinations: different from the rest, unique, but because of the subtlety it also remains timeless.

A Heavy Metal fixture, a Fuzzy White lamp with a hint of Hell Orange

 A Fuzzy White fixture, a Heavy Metal lamp with a Bright Yellow color accent

Hell Orange or Bright Yellow?  

As a designer, Anton has always been a big fan of bright color accents. 
He gets inspired by any kind of day-to-day objects, such as books or a ski helmet, but also by art and fashion.
These colors will stay on his mind until he finds a way to use them in his designs.
That’s exactly how he came up with using Bright Yellow and Hell Orange as an accent color with the ONE.

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Photography: Laura Westendorp – Wonderwood
Location: Studio Roest

Hell Orange

This fiery shade was designed to spice up your life. And your light!
Our Hell Orange accent color surely adds some edge to your ONE lamp, creating a more unique look.
It can perfectly be combined with your Fuzzy White or Heavy Metal ONE. We promise you won’t regret it.

Fiery, hot and explosive

That sums it up. Our Hell Orange is not just for anyone. This color is only for those who like to add something unique to their interior.
For fans of rarity. Individuals who can stand the heat of this warm orange shade. Is that you? Go get it!  

Bright Yellow

Do you want to add some bright sunny vibes to your ONE lamp? Our Bright Yellow accent color is the perfect fit.
You can combine it with your Fuzzy White or Heavy Metal ONE. It gives you your daily dose of joy and happiness, every time you walk by.
Not only your one light will be shining bright, your eyes will too!

 Happy, warm and bright

Our Bright Yellow accent color will give your ONE a cheeky, happy twist.
It brings some color to your life and it will cheer you up whenever you need it.
Bright Yellow will make your ONE even more friendly while accompanying you throughout your whole house.