ONE + Desk

Tonone ONE + Desk
Have you chosen the ONE with the Desk fixture? Lucky you! The combination of the ONE lamp with this fixture comes highly recommended.
This lightweight, wireless lamp moves with you around the house, wherever you want to go. This fixture is available in three colors: Smokey Black, Fuzzy White and Heavy Metal.

About the ONE
ONE was designed with an eye for detail but certainly also with attention to functionality. Because of its compact size, it fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to carry around your home. ONE features an internal LED light source with a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, also known as 'extra warm white'. Bright and atmospheric. As atmospheric as you like, because ONE is dimmable.

Solid, durable lamp
You buy a Tonone lamp for life. Just like ONE. The high-quality powder-coated steel and aluminum not only give this lamp a powerful look and feel, the material is also super sturdy. A sustainable investment! Talking about durable: the built-in battery lasts for no less than 5 to 30 hours, depending on the applied brightness. Flat battery? No problem! You charge it quickly and easily with the included charging cable (cable length: 50 cm).

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Location: Karton Studio  & Interior Vitamins 

Photography: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood 

Desk Fixture 
It's in the name: the Desk Fixture is designed to shine on your desk. At 58 cm tall, it supports your ONE lamp while you focus on your work. It also looks great on a cabinet or your dining table. The Desk is made of sturdy aluminum and steel and features a spheric magnet on which you mount your lamp in a single move. The advantage of the spheric fastening is that you can move and rotate the lamp very fluidly, so it lights exactly where you need it. 

Charging on your fixture 
The desk fixture comes with an extra charging cable of 150 centimeters long so that you can also charge your 
ONE on this fixture. The charging cable disappears almost invisibly into the extrusion profile of the luminaire, which complements the minimalist design of the lamp.

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ONE + Desk
color: smokey black


ONE + Floor
color: smokey black