ONE + Floor straight


ONE + Floor straight

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Product information "ONE + Floor straight"
Tonone ONE + Floor Straight 
The ONE and its Floor Straight fixture: a match made in heaven, if you ask us. This variant of the Floor fixture is designed with only straight lines. For anyone who loves sleek design. No worries, it remains - just like the Floor - a minimalistic eye-catcher that really adds something to your interior. This fixture is available in three colors: Smokey Black, Fuzzy White and Heavy Metal. 

About ONE 
ONE was designed with an eye for detail but certainly also with attention to functionality. Because of its compact size, it fits perfectly in your hand, making it easy to carry around your home. ONE features an internal LED light source with a color temperature of 2700 Kelvin, also known as 'extra warm white'. Bright and atmospheric. As atmospheric as you like, because ONE is dimmable. 

Solid, durable lamp 
You buy a Tonone lamp for life. Just like ONE. The high-quality powder-coated steel and aluminum not only give this lamp a powerful look and feel, the material is also super sturdy. A sustainable investment! Speaking of durable: the built-in battery lasts for no less than 5 to 30 hours, depending on the applied brightness. Flat battery? No problem! You charge it easily and quickly with the included charging cable (cable length: 50 cm). 

A smart floor lamp
With ONE and the Floor Straight fixture you create a beautiful floor lamp in no time. Literally in no time at all, because thanks to the magnetic sphere you attach your ONE with a single move. Fast and convenient. The advantage of the spheric fastening is that you can move and turn the lamp very fluidly, so it lights exactly where you need it. The Floor Straight is 112.5 cm high and weighs only 1.3 kg. This makes it easy to move around. The luminaire is made of sturdy powder-coated aluminum and steel, an elegant lighting solution! 

Charging on your luminaire 
The floor fixture comes with an extra charging cable of 250 centimeters long so that you can also charge your ONE on this fixture. The charging cable disappears almost invisibly into the extrusion profile of the luminaire, which complements the minimalist design of the lamp.

Knob included with your order 
ONE tells a story: about decluttering, sustainable living and adventure. ONE is everywhere you go. At the same time, it is the only lamp you need. To increase ease of use and to be able to use the lamp in different places, the ONE is supplied with a Knob as standard. 

Knob is a fixture specially designed for the ONE. The Knob can be attached to almost any surface. Attaching the ONE lamp to the fixture is super easy thanks to the magnetic closure. The fixture in the shape of a round ball allows you to direct the ONE specifically where you need light. With its total length of only 4 centimeters and diameter of 2.5 centimeters, the Knob is nice and inconspicuous. 

battery: 5 - 30 hours
cable length: 500 mm & 2500 mm
charging cable: USB-C
collection: ONE
country of manufacture: The Netherlands
cri: 90
designer: Anton de Groof
dimmable: secundair dimmable
dimmer: dimmable on fixture
ip: 20
kelvin: 2700 K
lumen: 245
material: aluminum, steel
max watt: 1,5 Watt
output: 5V-1A/2A
type: Floor
volt: 220-240 V
weight: 1.4 kg

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