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Product information "ONE + KNOB"


There it is: the Tonone ONE. If we must describe it in one sentence we would say: a portable design lamp that you can take anywhere. This is far from all. ONE tells a story about decluttering, about a more sustainable lifestyle, about adventure. ONE is everywhere you go and (in theory) the only lamp you need. Only ONE.

Tonone ONE: portable design lamp

ONE changes the world of lamps. Why? Because you only need ONE. The start is the ONE. With the build in battery it lights up to  5 - 30 hours. This makes it portable. Combine the ONE with one of the fixtures. The bed and wall fixture have a permanent place in your interior. The floor and table fixtures are easy to move from one place to another as well as inside or outdoors.

 ONE + knob: design wall lamp

The ONE + knob is a small but great fixture specially designed for your ONE. Made of powdercoated steel the knob is steardy and discrete. The benefit of the magnetic round sphere is that you can aim the ONE specifically to where you need light. You only need one screw to install the fixture onto the wall or ceiling.

Because the ONE lamp is chargeable, this fixture is perfect to apply in a space without a power point.

Dutch Design

The color of the ONE goes back to the origin of TONONE: Smokey Black. Timeless, unpretentious and endless. The finish of the lamp is a finely structured powder coating. Subtle and strong. The LED gives a warm white color temperature up to 2700K. How bright shines the ONE? You can decide for yourself. The lamp has an integrated stepless dimmer allowing you to adjust the required brightness for whatever you’re doing.

Your story

The ONE gives you the oppurtunity to tell your own story. A story with a minimalistic point of view: only ONE lamp that can be placed anywhere. A story with a durable point of view: only ONE lamp with an amazing lifespan and endless options. Or perhaps a story with an adventurous point of view: only ONE lamp that accompanies you anywhere you go.

Check the FAQ page for more information

battery: 5 - 30 hours
cable length: 500 mm
charging cable: USB-C
collection: ONE
color: smokey black
color cords: with black cords
country of manufacture: The Netherlands
cri: 90
designer: Anton de Groof
dimmable: secundair dimmable
dimmer: dimmable on fixture
integrated led: yes
ip: 20
kelvin: 2700 K
lumen: 245
material: aluminum, steel
max watt: 2 Watt
output: 5V-1A/2A
type: Bed, Wall
volt: 220-240 V
weight: 0,3