Looking for inspiration? Take a tour with Tonone. We have been warmly welcomed by lovely people in their beautiful homes. 

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Anki Wijnen (@zilverblauw) is one of the biggest interior/lifestyle influencers in the Netherlands. In 2011 Anki started sharing images from her daily life on the blog Zilverblauw. Over the years Wijnen has developed her own style of clear and recognizable photos. With partner and graphic designer Casper Boot, Anki runs design agency Zilverblauw.

In early 2018, Casper and Anki bought a 1920s home in picturesque Oisterwijk. They fell in love not only with the stained glass of the house, but also with the over one hundred year old beech tree in the backyard. Meanwhile, much of the house was renovated and recognizable, photogenic elements were added, such as the yellow staircase and pink room. In the past two years, Casper and Anki have also started tackling the 30-metre-deep, then totally wild garden.

Time and again Casper and Anki come up with surprising ideas and initiatives. They have built an insane A-frame garden house and have already adopted several (former) laying hens. "Saving one animal does not change the whole world, but the whole world changes for this one animal".

The interior is colorful and quirky. They have an eye for detail, design and art! From cool vintage thrift store items to a beautiful designer lamp from Tonone.

Mr. Tubes

Bolt Floor 2arm - Sunny Yellow

Bolt Floor Long 2arm - Daybreak Rose

Bolt Desk Small 2arm - Striking Orange

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Tonone meets Rozenkelim!

We are regularly allowed to take a look inside special houses. This time we meet Jeroen and Ebru from Rozenkelim. We are happy to take you on Hometour!

During a working visit to an olive oil factory in Datca, Jeroen stumbles upon a small, dark shop with old rugs. Between the old piles are about 200 'Rozenkelims'. Old kilims from Moldavia with large flowers in all kinds of colors. The first Rozenkelim went along in the suitcase to the Netherlands. From that moment on, things went super-fast. Meanwhile, the range has expanded enormously and they have a beautiful showroom in Haarlem with an extensive assortment.

We visited Jeroen and Ebru's house. An inspiring house with cool objects, such as the Togo lounge sofa, Chinese ceramics, design lamps by Tonone, a painting of Herman Brood and last but not least Rozenkelims.

In the living room there is the Tonone Bolt Floor Long and the Bolt Table in Sunny Yellow, two great eye-catchers. The color yellow keeps your interior nice and light and in balance, it gives you a positive and ultimate (holiday) feeling!

Get inspired!

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Our photograhper: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood  

Hometour @deburenvan68

Visiting Jolanda @deburenvan68. She lives with her beautiful family in Nieuwkoop. We are invited for a Hometour through their inspiring home.

Jolanda (creative business teacher) and Pier Herre (Agile Marketeer) were given the opportunity to build a house on the Nieuwkoopse Plassen, in the middle of the green Heart. They do like a challenge, after a world trip, a trip with a campervan through Europe and a wedding on an island they were ready for a new, challenging project.

Meanwhile Jolanda and Pier Herre have been living in the ‘Wooden House’ with their 3 kids (Otte Fien, Lieze Loor &Jip) for 2 years. The ground floor is an open space, inspired by locations where they feel creative: coffee shops and beach bars. Because of its own design, it has become a very nice and playful family home, a house in which you can live.

The upper floor is especially practical. The bedrooms have an extra floorlevel, a cosy sleeping loft, leaving plenty of space downstairs to play. The children have their own future-ready-bathroom. In the loft they have hung a chillnet for allowing extra light and for contact with the ground floor.

Interior stylist Maartje Kroon pointed them out to the Bolt design lamps from Tonone. Jolanda describes the Bolt lamp as: "A sturdy robust yet elegant wall lamp for our 'non-kitchen'. A non-standard lamp for a non-standard house".

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Our photographer: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

Woonhuis Haarlem

Bolt Floor 1arm * Smokey Black

Bolt Wall Sidefit Small * Daybreak Rose 

Mr. Tubes Led Double * Smokey Black

Our photographer: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

Bolt Wall Sidefit Small * Daybreak Rose

Bolt Desk Small 1arm Foot * Thunder Blue 

Our photographer: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

Beads Table Downlight 

Bolt Table Small * Smokey Black 

2 x Bolt Bed Sidefit * Pure White 

Bolt Desk 2arm Clamp * Striking Orange 

Beads Wall 35 Downlight 

Bolt Desk 2arm * Smokey Black 

Our photographer: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

Baukje van der Steeg

Bolt Ceiling 2arm Underfit * Pure White 

2x - Bolt Wall Sidefit Small * Smokey Black 

3x - Bolt Floor 2arm * Pure White 

Our photographer: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

Woonhuis Vught

Atlas D450 Neutral Grey - Atlas D350 Neutral Grey - Bolt Wall Sidefit * Smokey Black 

2x - Bolt 2arm Floor * Smokey Black

Our photographer: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

Woonhuis Vught