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We visited Jacqueline Janssen and Patrick Bovy in their amazing loft in the former Sphinx Quarter. The Sphinx was world famous, one of the best factories and largest employer in Maastricht. Since 2016 the building has a new multifunctional use. People live, work and play here. The historic letters on the roof can be seen from far and wide.

Patrick Bovy is the owner of Bovitec Bouwchemie (cast floors and residential concrete). Through his company, he is a member of an entrepreneurs' club. 5 Years ago, they were invited for a tour of the Eiffel Building, the former Sphinx Quarter. The building had already been completely stripped. There was no residential use for it at the time. A few years later (2017) it did have a residential purpose and Patrick came across the building again. There were still a few spaces available. Jacqueline and Patrick bought a space with the help of an estate agent.


Jacqueline and Patrick opted for as many natural materials and colours as possible. They were inspired during their holiday in Kos, where they saw many natural tones in the interior of the Casa Cook Hotel. Together with their architect Niels Maier, they started this great project. All rooms are allowed to flow into each other, which is typical for a loft. It is a beautiful open space!

They have chosen materials such as teak veneer, natural stone, residential concrete and linen. Niels' idea was to make the two end walls deep dark blue, so that the loft would feel like an infinity.

"We were already charmed by the designs of Tonone. In our old house we already had these Beads hanging above our dining room table, and when we were creating this space we found that the Beads 5 in Line fit in perfectly in terms of clean lines, and the design also comes out very well. The adjustability of the lamp allows you to vary the heights of the Beads and the position of the lamps, if you wish. They give off very nice light and are dimmable, a nice touch above the dining room table. What also appeals to us is that it is a Dutch company with a very good service".

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Photography: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood

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