Inspiring location: Maasvlakte in the Netherlands

On the beach near the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam stands the Sand Watch, a striking open sculpture created by artist collective the Observatory. The artwork, commissioned by the Rotterdam Port Authority, marks the completion of the Second Maasvlakte in 2015. Located between the dunes on the beach, the Sand Watch consists of several concrete elements. Together, the elements form a silhouette of a half eclipse. 

The artwork illustrates three stages of dune formation. Due to the upwelling of beach sand, the surface of the artwork keeps changing shape.

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Photography: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood 

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Modular thinking

Anton became intrigued by this place because of the fascinating interplay of lines created between the various elements. The interplay of shapes and structures stimulates his imagination and encourages him to think modularly. 

In addition, the location stands out for its photogenic character. The natural surroundings form a perfect backdrop, with each angle and perspective creating a new image worth capturing.

Where art meets nature

The venue offers a special experience where art and nature come together in a unique way. If you are in the Rotterdam area, it is definitely worth taking a look.

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