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October 2023

Office lighting 

An indispensable and important part of an office is proper lighting. After all, good office lighting contributes to a pleasant atmosphere and an efficient way of working. Is your office already equipped with the right office lighting? Read all about office lighting in this article.

LED Office lighting

Office lighting comes in different shapes and sizes. Before you proceed to purchase optimal lighting for your office, it is necessary to think about how much lighting is needed and how much you want to invest in office lighting. To save costs, LED lighting for offices is a good option. LED lighting has several advantages, such as long life and lower power consumption than conventional lighting. It also improves concentration and productivity due to the right amount of light. LED lighting ensures that you stay alert anyway.

Tonone has several products equipped with LED lamps, such as the Mr Tubes LED, the Tonone ONE and the Beads series. To adjust the lighting intensity these series are dimmable. This also helps to save on energy bills.

What requirements does office lighting need to meet?

To determine the right lighting for your office, it is important to look at the environment. Think carefully about what light colour and light output each room needs. 

This is because light colour has a major impact on your performance and productivity. Bright, white light makes it easier to concentrate and reduces fatigue. For your workplace, a colour temperature of at least 4000 Kelvin (K) is therefore recommended. This ensures that you stay alert and focused.

Light output represents the total quantity of light emitted in a room. This yield is often expressed in LUX. For a workplace, a minimum illuminance of 500 LUX is recommended. You can easily calculate how many lamps you need for this. On the packaging of a lamp you can find out the number of lumens. Lumen indicates how much light a lamp gives. Using the following formula, you can calculate how many light bulbs you need to achieve the desired light output. 

Desired light output * area m² = number of lumens needed / number of lumens per lamp = number of lamps needed for the room 

These factors influence which office lighting is the best choice. In addition to this, the Working Conditions Act lays down requirements for workplace lighting to create ideal working conditions. This ensures, among other things, that reading from a monitor or writing text on the desk is responsible and does not cause eye or back complaints. 

 Want to read more about the legislation and obligations for workplace lighting? Then check out the the Occupational Health and Safety Act of your country.

What types of office lighting do you have?

When you think of office lighting, you may quickly think of fluorescent tubes hanging as ceiling lights in office buildings. Fluorescent lighting is often used in workplaces. They provide large spaces with lots of light and are available in many sizes and runs. However, there are many more areas in offices where other types of lighting are necessary.


Company restaurant lighting

Consider, for example, a space such as a canteen. A canteen is a place where you can unwind and take a break from your work. At the coffee machines, personal conversations often take place and the latest news is discussed. These activities mean that there might be a different atmosphere here than at your workplace. A warm colour temperature of lighting can contribute to the pleasant atmosphere you want in the canteen.

Corridors/stairwell lighting

Another area where unconsciously a lot of flow also takes place is in corridors. Corridors are naturally used to walk from one office space to another. Customers may also be received here and have to wait temporarily. A well-kept look by well-tuned ceiling lights or wall lights contribute to forming a good impression for both customers and employees.

Entrance and reception lighting

The first impression you have of a company is often determined upon entering. You can think of it as your company's business card. This is therefore the ideal space to show off your office lighting. Choose distinct luminaires that act as eye-catchers in the room. To create a professional look, you can match the luminaires to your corporate colours, for example. That way, you will make an unforgettable impression!

At Tonone, it is possible for us to work with you to provide a customised solution. Feel free to contact us. Or get inspired by our projects page.

Which Tonone office lamps are suitable?

Tonone's designer lamps have a modern and minimalist look. Tonone has seven different series with all kinds of design lamps; including wall lampsfloor lampsceiling lampsbedside lampstable lamps and desk lampsFor modern offices, the Beads collectionTonone ONE and Mr Tubes are popular choices. These products fall into the office LED lighting category.

 The Tonone Beads collection is designed to fit into any environment. The minimalist design gives the series a modern, powerful look and excels when it comes to functionality. With its rotating and tilting LED ring, the dimmable Beads is a versatile solution for any situation, from office spaces to meeting rooms. The warmth of the light has a range of 2100K to 3000K (dim to warm).

Mr Tubes is a robust lamp design that combines pure functionality with graphic aesthetics. The LED tube is popular for its industrial look and large range of uniform light. The light source is dimmable, allowing you to adjust the brightness to your own preference.

The Tonone ONE is a portable design lamp that you can take anywhere with you as a spotlight. Especially for workplaces, the ONE + desk is a top invention. The desk luminaire has the advantage that you can aim ONE wherever you want. Up to have light throughout your office. Or down, so you can finish your work focused.


Now that you've read the blog, you're fully aware of what to consider when buying office lighting. For more inspiration on what your ideal workspace could look like, please refer to our Instagram and Pinterest page.

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