Shades of white 

White is the foundation for many interiors. It is the perfect color to bring some light to a dark house. Tip: use different materials to make a white interior more exciting. Details of wool, cotton or linen are the perfect counterpoint to the powdercoated steel of your white design lamp.  

 Pure White  

Pure White represents more than just white. It represents simplicity. Calmness. Purity. White focuses attention on everything except itself. This allows you to focus more on form, function and material.  

 Lightning White  

Lightning White represents the lightning that illuminates the sky. Not 100% white, but light enough to attract all attention. Lightning White also refers to the light of the lamp. Not as bright als lightning, but spread atmospherically thanks to the shape of the shade. The white color enhances the atmosphere. 

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Photography: Laura Westendorp – Wonderwood


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If you love white

bolt wall sidefit small
color: pure white | installation: install


bolt 1arm floor long
color: pure white


bella pendant
color: lightning white | fitting material: brass


mr. tubes led pendant horizontal driver on fixture
color: pure white | kelvin: 4000 K


ONE + Floor
color: fuzzy white


bella table
color: pure white | fitting material: brass