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Studio Vennix created a warm and quirky office design for Gulf Gas and Power that perfectly matches the company's identity. Despite Gulf's focus on energy trading, they manage to create an energetic look themselves. The striking colors Striking Orange and Thunder Blue form a beautiful harmony with Gulf's corporate identity. The choice of Tonone as lighting is seamlessly integrated into both the aesthetics and functionality of the space. The end result is not only a professional office environment, but also a source of positive energy and creativity.

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Photography: Laura Westendorp - Wonderwood 

For this project, the Bella Pendant was chosen, executed in Striking Orange & Thunder Blue colors, fitted with a brass fitting.
The Bella is a lamp that adds style and character to your interior. The design is functional, but also contains the typical layering that is created by Anton de Groof. This keeps you looking at the hanging fixture long after the first glance. What is truly remarkable about the Bella is the (almost) screwless design. The lampshade is crafted with three ribs, which arise from the center of the lamp. In those ribs you will find a slot, where you can clamp the loose plates of the shade. This creates a solid and completely closed lamp, making sure that the light only shines where you want it to: upwards and downwards.

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bella pendant
color: striking orange | fitting material: brass


bella pendant
color: thunder blue | fitting material: brass


bella pendant
color: midnight grey | fitting material: brass