May 2023

Pendant lights dining table 

The dining table is the perfect spot in your home for cozy dinners, game night or work. Therefore, ensure good lighting with the right pendant lamp. Whether you prefer one eye-catching lamp that draws al attention or a series of more subtle lighting, Tonone offers a variety of pendant lamps suitable for above your dining table. Which pendant lamp will soon shine above your table?

Design pendants collection dining table

A dining table pendant is not only functional, but also crucial for creating ambiance. Tonone offers an extensive collection of pendant lamps for above your dining table. You can choose from pendant lamps varying in style, material, size and color.

The Tonone pendant lights collection contains a variety of styles, from minimalist to striking and from industrial to modern. Whether you like sleek design or want to make a statement, there is a suitable pendant lamp for every interior.

Looking for an industrial pendant lamp for above the dining table? The pendants from the Mr. Tubes collection are what you’re looking for. These pendants give every interior and industrial look and feel. Or do you prefer a more minimalistic style? Then the Beads pendants are perfect. Do you want to make a statement with an eye-catching lamp? Then consider the Bolt pendants. With a Bolt pendant in a striking color, you’ll have a real eye-catcher in your home.

Buying a dining table lamp

Which pendant light you choose for above the dining table depends not only on the size, but also on the shape of the table. For above a square or round table, one central dining table lamp is often sufficient, while a long rectangular or oval table may require multiple pendants. By choosing a dimmable pendant lamp, you can create the desired atmosphere for any occasion.

Once you have chosen the perfect pendant light, the next step is to determine its height. The height not only determines the funcitonality of the light, but also the right atmosphere at the table. On average, a pendant lamp is hung 70 cm above the tabletop for a balance between good lighting and comfort.  You can also choose a lamp that is adjustable in height, allowing you to adjust the height at any time. Alternatively, choose multiple lamps and hang them at different heights for a playful effect.

Tonone dining table lamps

Looking for inspiration for a good pendant lamp? Tonone has a wide range of dining table lamps. From industrial pendants to LED lamps, there is the right lighting for every interior.


Looking for a glass pendant lamp for above the dining table? The Atlas pendant is a versatile choice, suitable for both classic and industrial interiors. The mouth-blown glass lampshade provides a beautiful distribution of light and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The lamp is available in two sizes and two shades of glass, so there is always a suitable option.


The Beads collection is designed to fit in every environment. Thank to its minimalist design, the collection has a modern yet powerful appearance. The Beads collection consists of various models, suitable for above retangular tables as well as round tables, including the Beads pendant, Beads 3 in circle, Beads 3 in line and Beads 5 in line.


The Bella pendant is a stylisch and characteristic pendant lamp that fits into any interior. You can choose from 11 colors and 2 color fittings. So, there is always one that fits above your dining aera. And why choose just one, when you have room for two or more Bella's above the dining table?


With a pendant form the Bolt collection, you make a real statement. Choose a striking color like Striking orange or Sunny Yellow for extra impact, or go for the classic look in Smokey Black. Whether you choose the Bolt Chandelier or the Bolt pack pendant, one thing is for sure: all attention will be drawn to your lamp.

Mr. Tubes

With the sturdy Mr. Tubes pendant lamps you give your interior an industrial look. This collection consists of various models of industrial pendant lamps that are suitable for various spaces and interiors. Whether you are looking for a dining table lamp that stands out, like the Mr. Tubes LED Chandelier, or a more classis LED pendant, the Mr. Tubes pendant collection offers something for everyone. The lamps are dimmable and the adjustable steel cables make it possible to hang the lamp at any height above the table.


Which dining table lamp wil you go for? On Instagram and Pinterest we share the home of many of ours lamps. Get even more inspiration and find the perfect dining table lamp.

bella pendant
color: thunder blue | fitting material: brass


bolt 6-pack pendant
color: striking orange


atlas d450
glass color: neutral grey


mr. tubes led double
color: smokey black | kelvin: 2700 K


bolt ceiling 2arm upperfit
color: ice blue