November 2023

Design LED lighting 

With the right design LED lamps, you can create an atmospheric and perfectly illuminated home. Besides being a visual addition to your interior, LED lighting brings several benefits. In this blog, you can read about Tonone's wide collection of designer LED lamps.

Advantages of LED design lamps

The first advantage is that designer LED lamps are energy-efficient. LED lamps use considerably less electricity than traditional lighting such as halogen lamps. This makes an LED lamp more environmentally friendly and good for your wallet. Design LED lamps also have a longer lifespan than conventional lamps. LED lamps last at least ten years longer. As a result, you need to replace a bulb less often, which again is cost-saving as well as environmentally friendly.

Another advantage is that with LED lighting, the colour temperature is adjustable. This allows you to play with different light tones and atmospheres in a room. Moreover, LED lamps are often dimmable. This way, you can adjust the light as desired.

Finally, an LED lamp has no warm-up time. When switching on a design LED lamp, you have bright light immediately, without having to wait for a light source to be at its strongest.

Light output design LED lighting

To indicate the amount of visible light produced by a light source, the unit 'Lumen' is used. In other words, the number of lumens indicates the light output. The higher the number, the brighter the light. 

When choosing designer lighting, it is wise to look at the Lumen count to get an idea of how much light the lamp will produce. Every room in the house has its own function and therefore requires a different light intensity. For example, above a dining table, 300-500 lumens is usually desired and when reading a book, 500-700 lumens is common. 

Keep in mind that the design of the lamp and its placement also play a role in how well the light reaches and illuminates the room.

Colour temperature design LED lighting

Design LED lighting not only offers impressive light output, but also the ability to influence the atmosphere in a room through colour temperature. The colour temperature of LED lighting is measured in Kelvin (K) and ranges from warm to cool light. For your workplace, for example, we recommend a colour temperature of at least 4000 Kelvin (K). This is because it keeps you alert and focused. For an atmospheric evening after a long (working) day, we recommend a light source with a maximum of 2700 Kelvin (K). 

An interesting innovation in designer LED lighting is the 'dim-to-warm' effect, where the colour temperature becomes warmer as the intensity of the light is reduced. This simulates the cosy and warm effect of traditional incandescent lamps, allowing you to adjust the lighting atmosphere to your own preference.

Dimmable design LED lighting

Dimmability is a feature that further enhances the functionality and versatility of design LED lighting. With the ability to adjust light intensity, dimmable LED lighting gives you complete control over the atmosphere and ambience in a room. Whether it's bright lighting for an active working environment, subtle mood lighting for a cosy evening, or anything in between, dimmable design LED light makes it possible. 

Want to read more about how a dimmer works or the possibility of adding an external dimmer to one of our designer lights? Then consult the frequently asked questions (FAQ) and see further explanations for each design lamp.

LED design lamps in your home

Design LED lamps are easily applicable in any room of your home. As well as lighting, designer lamps also add atmosphere to living spaces. At Tonone, you will find lamps for every room and living style. From striking design hanging lamps that act as an eye-catcher in the kitchen, atmospheric design wall lights for the entrance, modern design bedside lamps to sturdy design desk lamps that steal the show in a workspace.

Tonone design LED lamps

Tonone's design LED lamps have a modern and minimalist look. Tonone has different series with various models of design LED lamps: table lampsfloor lamps and ceiling lamps, among others. Below, we highlight three Tonone design LED lamps.



The minimalist design gives the series a modern, powerful look and excels when it comes to functionality. The rotating and tilting LED ring is characteristic of this design. The high-quality integrated LED light source is dimmable and the warmth of the light has a range from 2100K to 3000K. The Beads is available as a pendant lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp and table lamp.

Mr. Tubes

Mr. Tubes is a robust lamp design that combines pure functionality with graphic aesthetics. The coated steel construction holds the LED tubes and gives the lamp an industrial look. The LED tube developed by Tonone provides 360 degrees of even light through more than a thousand LEDs per metre. The lamp is dimmable and the adjustable steel cables allow the lamp to be hung at any height. Mr. Tubes is available as a single or double pendant lamp, wall lamp and as a chandelier.


The ONE is a portable design lamp with a built-in battery, which provides light for at least 5 to a maximum of 30 hours. Combine the spotlight with one of the fixtures to charge the battery. The LED lamp provides warm white light with a color temperature of 2700k. How brightly the light shines? That is up to you. This is because the lamp is dimmable on the fixture. So you can easily adjust ONE's light to what you are doing. The ONE series consists of a floor lamp, a desk lamp and a wall and bed lamp.

Why design LED lamps?

Tonone designer LED lamps are made of sustainable materials and last a lifetime. The design of our designer lamps is original and timeless, so you will certainly not get tired of them. Tonone's designer lamps are modern, minimalist, innovative and of high quality. A beautiful designer lamp is a real eye-catcher in any interior!

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